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it's going to be fixed by us. i think that's a good message for everyone. it's now healing time. the abducted teen's father relieved and looking for answers as his daughter is rescued as the captor is shot dead. the fee say of former tight end, aaron hernandez, what police think she may have done to protect her man. a massive sinkhole devours part of a florida resort into the ground. >> can you imagine? >> i saw it this morning and was sending pictures all over the place. >> good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm john berman.
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>> i'm zoraida sambolin. it's monday, august 12th. it is 5:00 a.m. we begin with the daring rescue of a teenage girl who was missing for days and the killing of her captor. it took place in idaho. >> reporter: this morning, 16-year-old hannah anderson recooperating from a hellish experience. her father now with her. a specialist helping her cope with the loss of her mother and brother and a terrifying week on the run with her captor. two couples on horseback in idaho's back country providing critical tips after their unusual encounter with anderson and her abductor. >> they showed up at the lake. there was a square peg going into a round hole. they didn't fit. he might have been an outdoorsman in california but not idaho. he didn't fit.
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>> reporter: few words spoken, but nothing seemed right. >> you don't run into somebody wearing pajamas. >> who was wearing pajamas? >> it looked like pajama bottoms she was wearing. >> she were hiking with a cat, a house cat. it was a way to try to soothe her. >> what are you doing with a cat in here? them cats are only good for wolf, you know to kill the wolf or bring in a mountain lion or something. he just kind of grinned. >> reporter: what really set off alarm bells, he said he was headed for the salmon river. they didn't say it at the time, but knew he was headed in the wrong direction. asked if they feared for their lives, the answer, pure idaho. >> we was all packing pistols. don't go in the woods without a pistol. he might have got one of us, but
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we would have got him. >> reporter: in the end, they didn't have to. they surveilled the pair for hours. choppers in a u-haul were dropped off more than a two-hour hike from a camp site. they surrounded the camp waiting for them to separate, then they moved in. miguel marquez, cnn, cascade, idaho. coming up on "new day" more on the rescue of hannah anderson. the tip that is helped locate the teenager and led to her rescue. so many questions in that story. in rhode island, a 2-year-old was found wondering the street. he went missing sunday morning from a home in johnson, not far from providence. they found two bodies in the home apparently murdered. the search was on for the little boy. he was spotted walking the
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streets in the capitol city. he was found by a patrol officer not out looking for him. >> this is just a individuvigil patrol officer and he comes upon the child wondering. >> good for him. two men in custody. they were not with the 2-year-old when he was found. four minutes past the hour. a question in the cherokee nation. where is dustin brown? he's ignored court orders to turn the child over to her adoptive parents. he's had her since 2011 when the court said he could have custody. the supreme court said that was wrong and ordered the girl returned to the south carolina couple that raised her from birth. a tribal court will hold an emergency hearing a day after brown failed to turn himself in iowa where he is training with
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the national guard. police investigating aaron hernandez suspect it may have been fizz fiance that helped hide a murder weapon. authorities raise the possibility the fiance of hernandez took a mysterious sharp object from the home and didn't bridge it back. the weapon has not been located. now to florida, a building collapsing into a sinkhole. it happened in orlando. another is slowly sinking into a 60 foot wide crater. it is 15 feet deep and growing. guests reported hearing loud noises and windows cracking and the building sunk. 35 people had to be evacuated. thankfully, there are no juries to report there.
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>> not what you think about when you check in. >> i'm going on vacation. the trial for a university student charged with making threat against his school online. he wrote on his page that he planned on shooting up the school and passed the information around to see how long it took until he got arrested. he insists it was a literary experiment, kind of an art piece. he's been in jail six months. his family does not have the money to bail him out. >> wow. not a good idea. scary moments at kennedy airport when two customs workers were sickened after smelling an odor on a package. it was from beauty supplies shipped in from china. they declined medical attention. operations were not affected. san diego's bob filner was supposed to be undergoing treatment amid allegations of
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sexually harassing more than a dozen women. the treatment may have come to an early end, but not the calls for filner to step down. >> reporter: this morning in san diego, mayor bob filner is believed to be back in the city he governs after checking out of rehab a week before he said he would finish. >> people are shaking their heads saying, you know, it's ridiculous. why is it continuing. >> reporter: his residents want him to stay away. >> really, mayor? you did what you did, now you want to stay as mayor. bull [ bleep ] you are not staying as mayor. >> reporter: voters are not the only ones. barbara boxer writing a letter said you must resign. the latest revelations of women recovering from sexual assault have shaken me to my core. >> predators. >> reporter: they are talking
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about the exclusive interview with women of rape survivor who is were tlen harassed by filner at a support meeting. the chairman of the affairs committee was invited into their women's veteran's group, seen as a champion of their cause. >> we are all victims of military sexual assault. it appears to me he was targeting this organization and hitting on the women here because they were easy prey. >> reporter: the california attorney general's office working on investigating the mayor. his chief of staff changed the locks on the mayor's office to preserve potential evidence. the mayor remains on personal leave amid the chorus for him to resign. raging floodwaters in colorado. this was over the weekend. take a look at this.
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at least one person died in the flash flood and mud slide that swept away everything else in the past, including dozens of cars. one person is still missing. dozens of buildings damaged by the rushing water that swamped buildings. >> my goodness. >> i know, it's impressive. a massive clean up is under way now. >> they are live cars. >> yes, they are. >> unbelievable. >> you are in for quite a show over the next couple nights. a meteor shower -- >> it is quite lovely. >> it is lovely. the intense meteor shower, dozens streaking across the night sky. most visible between midnight and just before sunrise. perfect to watch them just before "early start." >> great idea. this, then us. how perfect is that? it's quite lovely.
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>> we are tracking the weather. great to see you jennifer. >> long time, no see. i know you are asking, john, not trying to correct you, but it's what the astronomers call it. they are popping up for tomorrow morning. hopefully you have the clear skies to check out the meteor showers. in the northeast, we are talking rain. it's moving through north jersey and new york. there's rain for the midwest including chicago, milwaukee, including kansas city and central kansas. certainly, they don't need the rain in kansas and arkansas. the reality is the stationary front causing problems over the last seven days is still going to be the fuel for more rainfall and we have another front coming through. this is providing more rain for the south and northeast. the northeast, for areas like new york, d.c., expected to come, really tomorrow. it's not all bad news with the frontal system.
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we are going to get cooler air working in. this means for areas like minneapolis as well as chicago. your temperatures are going to run 10 degrees below average. it's going to feel more fall like. for chicago, 74 degrees for tuesday and wednesday. pittsburgh, the same for you with temperatures ten below. st. louis, high temperatures are going to drop to 79 degrees. wednesday, i think right now, john, zoraida is packing her bags thinking i better go to chicago. >> i'm thinking the opposite. berman jinxed us. he said summer is over. >> it is. the leaves are coming off the trees. they are playing football. it's all over. >> we have time. >> thank you, jennifer. >> you are welcome. two words you never want to hear from your boss, you're fired. you don't want to hear it on a conference call with your co-workers. it's what happened during a call for aol ceo was holding with
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employ owes talking about layoffs. listen. >> put the camera down right now. abel you are fired. you are out. >> it's abel who tried to take a picture of him. lenz or aol are not commenting. >> camera shy ceo, apparently. there's word the newest version of the iphone may be a few weeks away. apple may unveil it on september 10th. there's speculation in the tech world this iphone may include an upgraded camera and processor. samsung may try to take a bite out and release their smartphone. >> i need a new phone, so this is fantastic news for me. i tried to lead with this. this affects me.
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>> 12 minutes after the hour. we are watching the situation in egypt where police are cracking down on protesters. is this on hold now? we will have the latest, coming up. here he goes again. the circus continues. donald trump raising eyebrows. what he said this time that had people asking, is he serious? these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. cashback concierge, here. what is a cashback concierge? well there's lots of ways you can get cash back. i'm here to help you get the most out of your cash rewards. it's personalized, and it's free. i want that. we have a concierge! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card with cashback concierge. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999.
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welcome back to "early start," everyone. a war of words is brewing between president obama and the father of the man who admitted leaking details of the nsa surveilness programs. dan lothian explains. >> reporter: president obama on vacation mode in martha's vineyard showing frustration after missing a putt. edward snowden's father appeared on a talk show taking aim at the president and a congressman who labeled his son as a traitor.
2:17 am
>> my son spoke the truth. he sacrificed more than the president or peter king has ever in their political lives. >> reporter: he was talking about the prevacation news conference. the younger snowden's actions created good. >> i don't think he was a patriot. he's been charged with three felonies. >> reporter: snowden's father will travel to russia to help his son fight the charges. >> we have a date, which we won't disclose. >> reporter: it's the frenzy that snowden claims it will make it difficult for his son to get a fair hearing if he returns to the u.s. >> i want my son to come home if the justice system is going to be applied correctly. >> reporter: dan lothian, cnn, martha's vineyard. in egypt, the latest move to
2:18 am
kick morsi out of camps is on hold. police were preparing to block access to camps. this is an attempt to cut off supplies like food and water. they spent the weekend building reinforced brick walls and sandbags to keep the police out. police postponed taking action against them. we go live to cairo with the latest from reza. >> they closed amid fears of an al qaeda attack are open this morning. the embassies remain shut down. the u.s. shut 19 embassies and consulates because of intercept communication showing al qaeda was planning an attack. 18 minutes past the hour. an american citizen held in a north korean labor camp is in the hospital this morning after his sister said his health began
2:19 am
to deteriorate. he was accused of acts against the government. he's serving a 15-year sentence. he's suffering from diabetes, enlarged heart and liver problems. she wants the united states to help bring him home. two big names to appear before the american bar association. erik holder is expected to outline changes for sentencing policies. this will be the effect of getting around the minimum sentences for first-time drug offender if they have no ties to dealers. a sign that vice president biden may be making the presidential run in 2016. he will travel to iowa to take part in a political right of passage. sponsored by iowa senator, tom
2:20 am
harken. it's a typical stop for white house contenders. the vice president has yet to confirm he is indeed in the running. donald trump will not say if he's running for president in 2016 but as usual, he's going to drum up publicity. he's saying he's pledging to spend whatever it takes. this was a contentious interview with trump this time saying he's not convinced president obama was born in this country. asked if that makes him look less than serious, he said the accusations about the president's birth resinated with a loss of people. donald trump. coming up, facebook coo must really like her stock now. she is in the money this morning now that facebook shares are flying high. that's coming up next. we've been bringing people together. today, we'd like people to come together on something that concerns all of us. obesity.
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a $29 value free. don't wait until you become the next victim. ♪ ♪ welcome back to "early start," everyone. fresh from the mean streets of iowa, it is money time. christine romans is back. >> from the cornfields. i'm back. a bull market while i was away. for the week, stocks posted the biggest declines since june. the averages are still up 19% for the year. the dow down.8%. dow 1.5%. an earnings parade.
2:25 am
wednesday, results from cisco. we'll get a look at the health of the consumer, what people are spending and how retailers are doing. also, facebook sheryl sandburg leaning into a pile of money this morning. the facebook ceo and author of "lean in" sold part of her stock. the price, $38 a share. the ipo price comes out o $91 million. they were sold in a prearranged plan to cash in portions of their holdings. she made more money on it this year than six months ago. when you return a skirt, for example, that you don't like or a tie, the retailer might be keeping tabs on you. according to the associated press, companies are collecting information and creating return profiles on customers at big name stores. many buyers are not aware some
2:26 am
returns are being monitored then outsource the information to third party companies for return profiles. consumer advocates are raising concerns about the practice. they do it because there are gangs of thieves that steal stuff, return them for store credit. they are trying to track it. there are people who are repeat offenders, buy things, wear them, return them over and over again. they are trying to stop that slippage. it's an interesting kind of consumer story. are you being tracked or is it to protect you? >> some retailers put the tag on the outside. if you remove the tag, you cannot return the item. they are on to you. >> return it with a receipt after 30 days, maybe. they want to make sure -- >> i can't stand that. have you ever tried on a dress that looks like it's used? >> yeah. if you buy something, you know -- >> i have good news being back from the cornfields, corn
2:27 am
prices, a good corn harvest expected, going to drive down the price of things that use corn. gas prices down ten days in a row. there's the good consumer news. >> thank you. welcome back. >> food prices will probably drift lower. >> thank you. it is 27 minutes past the hour. we are live in egypt where it appears protesters may get to stay in two sit ins. why did the police decide not to break them up? >> up, up and away on a trip to mars. seriously? sign me up. sign zoraida up. any last requests mr. baldwin? do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of. this is pretty easy, and i see it works on hotels too.
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a tense stand off in cairo this morning as egyptian supporters race for more violence. we're live. two suspected in a double homicide and custody. an abducted toddler found wondering the streets. we'll have all the details for you. early release. the san diego mayor accused of sexually harassing numerous women is kissing his rehab program good-bye. why he left the program a whole week early. welcome back to "early start." glad you are with us this morning. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm john berman. in cairo this morning, a sign of relief for protesters after egyptian police postponed their
2:32 am
plans to stop to sit ins against morsi. the goal was to cut off access to food. it appears it's not happening, not yet. in cairo, what is the latest on this? >> reporter: things are calm at this hour, john. you get the impression a lot of people are anticipating what's to come. a lot of people went to sleep last night thinking they might wake up and a crackdown would be under way against two pro-morsi rallies taking place for six weeks now. morning came, however, the crackdowns did not. no sign of security forces, no sign of police. the demonstrations continue as we speak. what we have is this high stakes waiting game and this political conflict where on one size you have the military backed government. on the other side, supporters of morsi and the muslim
2:33 am
brotherhood. they say they won't leave the sit-ins until more si is reinstated again. it's a scenario that seems unlikely at this point. there was a ten-day stretch where the international community led by washington and the european union came to egypt to try to get the two sides to sit down and make peace. that didn't work. the mediation efforts were a failure. the prime minister said the crackdowns would take place at some point. last night, the associated press and reuters cited unnamed security sources and said the crackdown could come as early as dawn. that didn't happen. we wait to see what today brings, if a crackdown is going to happen within the next 24 hours or if this is part of an information war and perhaps the military backed interim government is using fear tactics. >> reza for us in cairo.
2:34 am
a temporary reprieve in an extremely tense situation. the family of 16-year-old hannah anderson, it is joy after she was rescued from the idaho wilderness from a family friend who took her captive. she's recooperating from nearly a week on the run. he burnt down his own house before taking off with her. he is now dead. hannah is said to be physically okay. her family says now is the time for healing. >> now we can take our time to grieve my daughter and my grandson. but we have our granddaughter. couldn't ask for anything more at this point. >> a group of horseback riders cited the pair and told police
2:35 am
something did not seem right. rescuers had to hike two hours to reach the scene and take hannah away. a missing toddler has been found wondering on the streets of providence. it triggered an amber alert after two people were found murdered. an adorable boy. two suspects under arrest. they are expected to face murder and kidnapping charges. police do not know how the boy ended up wandering the streets. >> by himself. 35 minutes after the hour. san diego's mayor accused of sexually harassing more than a dozen women. bob filner made an early exit from behavior therapy program. filner left the two week program a week early and will continue therapy on an outpatient basis. more officials are calling on
2:36 am
filner to step aside. >> i do believe in due process, however, all the information that has come in is coming out and will continue to come out points to him not being able to lead the state. >> a citizen's group plans to rally to tell filner he is not welcome back in the city and they want him to resign immediately. >> there are questions about the fiance of aaron hernandez. he is accused of killing odin lloyd. search warrants, affidavits obtained show police are considering the possibility that hernandez's fiance may have helped him hide the murder weapon. investigators have not found the weapon and plan to continue searching near his childhood home this week. scary pictures from florida where a building collapsed at a resort near orlando. another one is slowly dropping into a massive sinkhole.
2:37 am
it is now 60 feet wide, 15 feet deep and growing. it happened at the summer bay resort in orlando. witnesses on the scene say they heard windows cracking as the building began to sink. 35 people had to be evacuated. crews are on the scene right now. we have no reported injury right now. that's the good news. sthak is a big building. >> is this happening more often or just reporting it more than we used to? it's scary. >> either way, it's scary. let's get a check on the weather with jennifer delgado in atlanta for us. good morning. >> good morning. we are more aware of the sinkholes. remember the one earlier this year in florida? >> yes. >> we are more aware. it happens all across florida especially with the type of soil they have there. >> swallowing up big buildings. that's more in the news.
2:38 am
it's a scary concept. >> it is. >> thank you. >> all right, you go away now. let's talk about the radar. this morning across the northeast, it is wet. the rain moving out of allentown and out of new jersey as well as into new york. we are going to see showers this morning. more rain coming down through parts of the upper midwest and the plains. you can see for kansas as well as missouri and chicago, a rain any start to your morning. we'll see more of that rain as we go through the next couple days. the problem is, so many areas is saturated. we are talking two to four inches across kansas as well as oklahoma toward the south, several inches for you. this is because we are going to get another frontal system moving through. this is going to bring the reinforcing shot of more rainfall across the region. very saturated ground. we have flood watches in place in anticipation of the heavy rainfall event. for now, back to you. if you see clear skies this
2:39 am
morning, you can still see the meteor shower. >> jennifer delgado. >> then watch "early start." >> exactly. with a tease with all the answers. always great to talk to you. thanks so much. >> 38 minutes past the hour. remembering a "glee" star that died too young. was his former girlfriend is saying about him next. [ mixer whirring ] my turn daddy, my turn! hold it steady now. i know daddy. [ dad ] oh boy, fasten your seatbelts everybody. [ mixer whirring ] good thing we've got bounty. bounty select-a-size. it's the smaller powerful sheet, that acts like a big sheet. look! one select-a-size sheet of bounty is 50% more absorbent than a full size sheet of the leading ordinary brand. [ humming ] [ dad ] use less with the small but powerful picker upper. bounty select-a-size. and try bounty napkins. really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24.
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welcome back to "early start," everyone. a heart felt remembrance of a tv star gone too soon. accepting the award, lea michele dedicated it to her boyfriend and co-star who died last month. >> for all of you out there who loved and admired cory as much as i did, i promise with your love, we'll get through it together.
2:43 am
he was very special to me and to the world. we were lucky to witness his talent, smile and his beautiful, beautiful heart. >> the "glee" cast returned to film the next season. it death was ruled an accident. going vegetarian? humans do it. why not the fish? researchers say they have a corn vor to eat a vegetarian diet. they usually eat squid, crab and smaller marine life. they were able to show the fish gobbling down a mixture of plant based proteins and amino acids. why? the goal is to help make fish farming more sustainable. smaller fish are harvested to raise farm fish sea life. it's depleted the world. >> garden burgers and tofu.
2:44 am
>> yum, yum, yum. jail for three new york men convicted of trying to rob a check cashing store. the wrinkle, they were wearing hollywood style masks, really expensive ones. they spent nearly $3,000 for the masks. they are the real thing, folks. they made off with $200,000 in the heist. one of the robbers e-mailed the mask maker to tell them how realistic the products were. that was dumb. they face up to life in prison when they are sentenced. >> dumb robbers. >> congratulation for your idiotic bet and dumb reaction. would you want to spend the rest of your life on another planet mr. berman? we can send you up there. 100,000 people said yes, i do. they are in the process of applying for a spot on the mars 1 mission.
2:45 am
that's a one-way trip to the red planet to help colonnize it. they will travel to mars in groups of four starting in 2022. they are not going to return to earth. >> it's a reality show. it's going to fund the trip that starts very, very soon. good luck to all you people. let's look at two contestants who will be flying coming up on "new day." what's going on, guys? >> the last line. it was interesting. mars, colonnize it, it's also known as a death sentence. >> it's exciting. >> no thanks. i hear they are raising money to send me here on "new day." there's a lot of myrrh f on the
2:46 am
set. we have good news. the manhunt we have been following. there she is, 16-year-old hannah anderson. everybody feared the worst when this good family friend jim dimaggio did the worst thing possible to those he loved. the mother killed. her baby brother killed, 8-year-old ethan. the house burned down then they disappeared. the father appeared here. an amazing discovery by a group of horseback riders, one a retired sheriff. the idaho police see things and put together clues. they are right. they are on the trail. the fbi comes in. all the details about saving hannah. she's home safe. we have interviews with the people on horseback who saw them and the police. >> amazing, the little things they saw that raised some red flags. that was the reason why we are where we are today. another story we have been
2:47 am
following, a pretrial hearing for a young man we told you a lot about. he made an unfunny joke online about shooting up a school. he says it was absolutely a joke. that joke cost justin carter months in prison and he's facing a felony terrorism charge. we will bring you the latest on the case and what the pretrial hearing could mean. >> that is just getting started. and we have one that is just being closed. a 15-year mystery solved. we are going talk to a performance artist who bought the plot next to lee harvey oswald. his nickname is nick beef. >> ask him about that name, too. beef, not a common name. >> no. he has whole story. it's a whole story, j.p. >> thank you so much. dufner is no duffer.
2:48 am
his amazing performance to take the pga championship. it's all part of this mornings bleacher report, next. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. ink from chase. so you can.
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these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. saving time by booking an appointment online, even smarter. online scheduling. available now at
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tiger woods and phil mickelson out of contention, a golfer known for take a look at this famous pic of dufner in slouched against t, that's how it got started. now, dufner is known for more than that pose.
2:52 am
he finished ten under to win the pga championship.pose. baltimore orioles outfolder adam jones said someone threw a banana at him. she was not pleased by the racially motivated action. he said i want to thank whatever [ bleep ] threw that direction in center field. way to show your class you [ bleep ]. they are looking into the incident. well, a-rod had a good game yesterday. he belted a home run off justin vr lander. so he'll tie willie mays on the all-time list. a-rod's home run is just the beginning of a crazy day at yankee stadium.
2:53 am
in comes mr. automatic mario rivera. he blows the save. it's the first time in his 18-year career he's blown three saves. the yankees win the game 5-4. you can watch usain bolt win the 100 meter dash final at the world athletics championships in moscow, russia. boat cruising to the win on the wet track. a lightning bolt strikes behind bolt as he finishes. that is some amazing photography skills, whoever took that picture. >> turns out usain bolt very good at running. >> it turns out. thank you. we'll be right back. t miss out.. you sat out most of our game yesterday! asthma doesn't affect my job...
2:54 am
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welcome back. 57 minutes past the hour. we are checking the top cnn trends on the web this morning. it is a hit, no pun intended. dr. sanjay gupta talking about how he was wrong to discount pot's benefits and he's changed his mind about weed. it's drawing a huge online response. some calling it amazing and insightful and others saying it overlooked the negative side of drug use and might encourage people to take a toke for the first time. the documentary is definitely encouraging a lot of debate. >> you learn so much by watching that. it is a fascinating, fascinating
2:58 am
documentry. this is not really related. all bad things must end. last night, "breaking bad" premiered the first of eight shows since the blogosphere into a frenzy. we will give you no spoilers here. i had to go to bed and couldn't watch it. fans of the show who could not wait, it did not disappoint. it's so popular, they split the final 16th episode into two parts. >> wow. are you a fan? >> i like the show. i'm not caught up in it. i'm years behind. >> because of your schedule. check out the other top cnn trends, head to it is worth your while. >> we have to share all the dvds. i haven't watched one. i know people are crazy for it. that is it for "early start." it is time for "new day." >> take it away. >> see you in a bit.
2:59 am
>> look at your clock. it's almost to top of the hour. here on "new day" that means time for the top news. >> we knew she was strong and she would make it. we knew she could do it and she did. >> new details inside the stunning rescue of hannah anderson. the hero witnesses who spotted her. the fbi agents who took down the kidnapper and what her father says about being reunited with his daughter. a giant sinkhole swallows part of a resort outside disney world. guests evacuating and the building crumbling. we have the latest. the san diego mayor accused of harassing 14 women leaves therapy sooner than expected. constituents are angrier than ever. >> your "new day" starts right now.
3:00 am
good morning, everybody. happy good morning, everyone. we have a lot on that amazing rescue of hannah anderson coming up. we have new details on her rescue but also new information on how they found her. this picture just in showing how his captor, james dimaggio, tried to hide his car. we'll have information from the police who found hmm and live from the good samaritans who sported th spotted them and just new something wasn't just right. >> little details wound up being the key to a huge discovery. and also video from a huge mudslide.
3:01 am
those are cars obviously being swept away by the force of the floodwaters. one person is missing. we'll have the latest from what's going on there. >> and the newest iphone reportedly set to be announced a month from now. also questions as when apple is losing ground by competitors like samsung. >> i have a couple suggests. three great words we'd love to hear when someone goes missing "it's healing time." those are the words of brett anderson. hannah anderson was found alive and well over the weekend. her alleged abductor shot and killed in the idaho wilderness. good morning, miguel. >> reporter: good morning, chris. an amazing, amazing rescue.
3:02 am
fbi hostage rescue teams moving in after a tip that saved hannah's life. this morning 16-year-old hannah anderson recuperating from a hellish experience. she's secluded in a government facility, her father now with her. an fbi specialist helping her cope with the devastating loss of her mother, her brother ethan, and a terrifying run with her kidnapper, james dimaggio. >> they showed up at the lake and they was just like a square peg going into a round hole. they didn't fit. he might have been an outdoorsman in california, but he was not an outdoorsman in idaho and he didn't fit. >> reporter: few words spoken but nothing seemed right. >> usually you don't run into somebody that's wearing pajamas.
3:03 am
>> reporter: who was wearing pajamas? >> it looked like pajama bottoms she was wearing. >> reporter: even stranger, they were traveling with a cat, possibly a catch purchased to try to soother. >> i said what are you doing with a cat in here? those cats are only good to chum a wolf in or to bring in a mountain lion or something and he just kind of grinned. >> reporter: what really set off alarm bells, he told them he was headed for the salmon river. they didn't tell him but knew he was headed in the wrong direction. asked if they feared for their lives, all idaho. >> we was all three packing pistols. don't go in the woods without pistols. he might have got one of us but in the end, we would have got
3:04 am
them. >> reporter: the fbi rescue team were dropped off more than a two-hour hike from the camp site. they surrounded the camp waiting for dimaggio and hannah to separate. then they moved in. now what we don't know is what exactly hannah saw of the final moments of mr. dimaggio's life. she was spirited away to a location in boise. she's in good physical health but certainly the trauma of the last days will take a lifetime. >> also this morning we're learning brand new details about hannah anderson's alleged abductor and the eerie family history that could have set this violent set of events in motion. casey wian is with us.
3:05 am
>> reporter: good morning. hannah's family eagerly awaits her return. the family of hannah anderson after fearing the worst for nearly a week. >> i'm so glad she's safe. >> reporter: before leaving for idaho, her father texted he was nervous and excited about their reunion. there are new questions about dimaggio's past he was described as a good friend, but he was also the son of another troubled man also named james dimaggio, who held the 16-year-old daughter of a former girl friend captive in 1989. now a woman, she spoke with an affiliate. >> i asked him not to kill us and he said don't worry, you won't feel a thing.
3:06 am
>> reporter: the woman attended the same high school as her son. i was. >> walking to my lock are and his son said my dad is out and said to let you know he'll be waiting for you after school. >> reporter: a friend of the younger dimaggio warned of the father's past might be influencinfluenc influencing the son's action. >> jim's father had committed suicide in 1998. >> reporter: dimaggio's father took a fatal drug overdose august 10, 1998, 15 years to the day before an fbi agent killed his son in these remote idaho woods, freeing another 16-year-old girl. >> reporter: there's another date that may have an influence on all of this, august 3rd. that was the day james dimaggio's father disappeared before his suicide. it's also the date that his mobile home went up in flames burning the bodies of hannah
3:07 am
anderson's mother and younger brother and launching this manhunt that ended this weekend. chris? >> casey, thank you very much. in situations like this you often wonder how could somebody do this. now as eerie as it is, it also gives us a little bit more insight into how this could have happened. let's keep piecing it together. it shows dimaggio's car hidden under the brush. look at the amount of time and attention this must have taken, how serious he was about avoiding detection. of course he was unsuccessful. let's bring in one of the people who helped make this happy ending, colonel ralph powell. good morning, colonel. thank you very much for doing this interview. >> good morning, chris. glad to be with you. >> when you look at the circumstances of what this could have been, how difficult a task was this to find this young man
3:08 am
and woman in the idaho wilderness? >> i think the key is what you just mentioned, the idaho wilderness. it's a huge area, not only is it expansive but it's rugged and it's rough. you go from 9,000 foot peaks down to gorges almost as deep as the grand canyon. so to think that you've got to cover all of that is -- would initially be perceived as a nearly impossible task. nonetheless, resources were brought to bear and we were ready to take that on. >> is it fair to say this investigation is it proof that little things always matter? we've seen the retired sheriff, who is out on horseback who feels people aren't right and decides to be curious, a rookie trooper who see what is he believes to be a lens in what looked like that beaver dam
3:09 am
picture we see. >> i agree. it's paramount. i like your analogy. it looks like a beaver dam without a river. it was almost a structure with some pretty large limbs. but the morning light hit just right to hit a piece of reflex off one of the rear lamp, the lenses. and i realize you've shown that picture. that is really a covered car so everything had to play into place just right in order for that to be seen. >> it makes you think maybe there are no accidents. the third clue, a plastic bag. i don't want to disrupt your morning routine, i know there other people in the house there with you this morning. tell me, colonel, this plastic bag, did you all know right away
3:10 am
that it was significant? >> well, again, the attention to detail thing. you had a sergeant with the state police. they're going down this forest road and any other day that would be a bag you'd probably past by and cast it it off as litter. in this particular circumstance they stopped, picked it up and the contents of that bag was significant in terms of -- and i can't go into it with too much detail -- but the evidence it presents in terms of what was already in plan back in california, what was in place because there's receipts and those types of things, as you would guess, in that type of bag that had information on it that was able to let them go to additional resources back at the store where certain purchases were made. >> just amazing. you never know which includes will wind up mattering. this will be a story you'll wind
3:11 am
up telling attention to detail always matters. >> thank you, chris. >> thank you for all your good work with your men. >> coming up, we'll talk live with the horseback riders. what tipped them off that certainly wasn't right. >> you would hope anyone on horseback their radar would go up but the fact he was a former sheriff was amazing. much more ahead but a lot of news is developing. let's get straight to michaela. >> good morning. a large sink home swallowing building at a resort near disney world. the sinkhole is about 60 feet in diameter and it is still growing. >> it was the most surreal experience. i never could imagine in my wildest dreams. >> a huge scare overnight at this resort just ten minutes
3:12 am
from disney world. while visitors were relaxing, a giant 60-foot sinkhole suddenly opened beneath them. >> one woman was sitting in the tub and the tub just levitated and that's when she just grabbed a pair of shorts and kacame out with another. >> reporter: the sinkhole devoured one building and continues to sink another. guests were rushed out to safety. >> they were going by and searching for people in the rooms. >> reporter: it left a 15-foot deep crater in the ground. witnesses say they heard loud noises and windows cracking. >> when the fire trucks and ambulances came, one person had to break out of a window because the door had collapsed. >> reporter: all guests were evacuated safely and no one was hurt, though it did put a damper on many vacations. >> we just got here and, you
3:13 am
know, don't want the kid to see us with a sad face, they came to see mickey, you know. i'm going to do my best to make it happen for them regardless of the material things we lost. >> and to point out again, that sinkhole is still growing. there's concerns about it. we'll keep an eye on it and bring you the latest. most of the u.s. embassies and consulates that had been shut down against fears amid an al qaeda attack are open again. facilities in 19 companies were shut down. the u.s. embassy in yemen remains close, the u.s. consulate in lahore, pakistan closed due to an unrelated threat. >> a missing 2-year-old boy whose disappearance triggered an amber alert in rhode island ha been found. two suspects are now in custody.
3:14 am
they could be charged today. >> new this morning, attorney general eric holder ready to overhaul how the feds handle non-violent offenders. he'll announce a new policy that would eliminate long mandatory minimum sentences for low level non-violent drug offenders who have no ties to gang affiliates. >> after winning best tv comedy actress, michelle tearfully dedicated her award to monteith. >> i promise that with your love we're going to get through this together. he was very special to me and also to the world and we were very lucky to witness his incredible talent, his handsome smile and his beautiful, beautiful heart. >> monteith was found dead of a
3:15 am
drug overdose in vancouver, canada in a hotel room last month. >> one woman is missing this morning in colorado after devastating flash floods and mudslides. she was last seen desperately clinging to a swollen creek. floods swept away at least one home and damaged others and tossed cars around like toys. jennifer delgado is tracking the weather for us this morning. this is a real concern. jennifer. >> you see video like that, it's very rare to see that. the area picked up one and a half inches of water. the area was recovering from a wildfire last year so the rainfall basically had nowhere
3:16 am
to go. it just caused all that rainoff. now as we go through today, we are still looking at the chance for more of those storms out there so residents need to be weather aware if you're going to be anywhere near the colorado springs or manatee region. across parts of the northeast, a wet start for you, showers and thunderstorms moving through parts of northern new jersey and new york this morning. heavy rainfall is still in the forecast for part of the midwest as we go through the next couple of days as well as the northeast. get used to the rain around, especially tomorrow for you folks in new york. >> we're going to take a break here on "new day." 14 women -- i'll say it again, 14 women. that's the mayor of san diego, bob filner. 14 women saying he sexually harassed them. as a response he was going to
3:17 am
spend two weeks getting therapy. he left a week early. now no one seems to know where he is. >> and vice president joe biden traveling to iowa next month. he'll be attending a steak fry. why is that news? we'll tell you why. >> it ain't the steak. can becom. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel for my pain and stiffness, and to help stop joint damage. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b,
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3:20 am
welcome back to "new day." san diego's mayor has ended his two-week sexual harassment therapy. some say it's a week early. he and his lawyers say he started it a week early so he completed the two weeks. but to the women who have allegations against him, it's a big whatever. now there are 14 different women
3:21 am
who say that the mayor of san diego harassed them. filner for his part has offered no explanation or defense to the waves of complaints. so the calls for him to step down grow louder by the day. >> reporter: this morning in san diego, mayor bob filner is believed to be back in the city he governs after checking out of rehab a week before he publicly said he would finish. >> it's people shaking his head saying it's ridiculous. why is it continuing? >> reporter: filner's residents overwhelming want him to stay away. >> really mayor? you did what you did and now you want to stay as mayor? bull [ bleep ]. you're not staying as mayor. >> reporter: residents and barbara boxer writing a letter to filner saying "you must resign." "women recovering from sexual
3:22 am
assault have shaken me to my core." cnn talking with these two women, both former military and rape survivors who say they were then harassed by bob filner at a support meeting. filner was invited into their women's veterans group, seen as a champion of their cause. >> we're all victims of military sexual assault and it appears to me that he was targeting this organization and hitting on the women in this organization because they were easy prey. >> reporter: the city attorney's office, sheriff's office and california attorney general's office all working on investigating the mayor. filner's chief of staff reportedly changed the lock on the mayor's office to preserve what she calls potential evidence. the mayor remains on personal leave amid the growing chorus for him to leave. >> that story is definitely not over. >> all you can hope for is
3:23 am
there's some explanation but you haven't heard anything from the mayor. just seems to whbe what it look like. >> up next, four riders on horseback calling in the tip that helped fbi rescue hannah anderson. they're being praised for their sharp instincts. you'll find out why. >> they just don't look like they'd be horseback riding in the idaho wilderness. >> and we could just be weeks away from the introduction of apple's next generation iphone. can they fix that auto correct? it's killing me! la's known definitely for its traffic, congestion, for it's smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the busses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution to the earth. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment.
3:24 am
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3:27 am
very, very good band, just for monday. that was roy orbison. >> we're here with news anchor michaela pereira. coming up, apple's next big thing. they are reportedly set to details of the new iphone. >> and my michael jordan wowed the kids. coming up, we must give you the news. >> this is a story we really want to dwell on. 16-year-old hannah anderson reunited with her father. she was rescued in the back woods of idaho, her alleged
3:28 am
kidnapper, james dimaggio, killed. horseback riders alerted police, telling them quote, they didn't fit. at the top of the hour we're going to speak live with those horseback riders who were so instrumental in helping hannah return home. >> a woman remains missing after mudslides in colorado left at least one person dead. she was last seen clinging to a tree. the town was deluged with nearly an inch and a half of rain in just 30 minutes friday night. >> at new york's kennedy airport, two workers sickened when they were exposed to fos forric acid in a package from china. the package was apparently a box of beauty supplies.
3:29 am
>> a bill inspired by jason patrick coming up. he says fathered a child through in vitro fertilization. patrick spoke to "new day" about this last month. >> i intend to parent this child. the world parent means to beget, nourish or raise a child. not only are we the parents but she's in effect confirming she wants to raise this child with me. >> the bill would allow a sperm donor to establish paternity if he receives the child into his home and openly holds out the child as his natural offspring. >> police in or land oaf looking for a man who stole two puppies from a vet shot by stuffing them
3:30 am
down his pants. the suspect entering before scooping up a miniature dachshund and a pug, worth a combined $1,500, walked right out of the store. the owner of the shop is offering a $250 reward. i can hear you chortling, cuomo and brooke. >> i had to just pause on "in his pants." >> from there i think all we can do is go back to you because nothing more can be said. >> how perfect is that? he had to steal a hot dog of all things that he was going to stuff down his pants. >> oh, no, you did not. we prefer to call it a dachshund. >> some description scripts you save and that is one. >> chris said you have to see this, i'm going to take a picture when she says "stuffing
3:31 am
it down his pants." >> that's good tv right there. that's what that is. but it's wrong that he did it. >> people don't even know what the story was because we were laughing so loud. >> imagine being the pug. >> that's good stuff. that's good for monday. >> it's a perfect time for our political gut check, as i have the giggles. all the stories you need to know coming out of washington and around the world. first up, congress is away on august recess but some gop lawmakers are facing heat from their constituents at home. i'm going to turn to my right and hope that john king has a straight face. yes, he does. >> no, not exactly. how do i always come after these kind of things? >> i don't know. let's try to get back on track because we've lost ourselves. the tea party taking on the president's health care law. this is not new. in 2009 it was the tea party versus democrats in these ton halls that we remember very well
3:32 am
but now it's the tea party versus members of their own party. but is this going to change minds? >> change minds probably not. i think at this point since a lot of this is about the health care bill and now the big question is there are some republicans who say risk a government shutdown, refuse to give the government any funding for obama care and if that shuts down the government, so be it. some tea party republicans say come on, it's a waste of time, we will lose politically. this is a a fight about whether to stand on principle as some tea party activists see it. is anyone's mind going to change at this point on the health care bill? i think not, kate. this is 2013, the election is still more than a year away. it does give you an early taste of the activist. you see some obama supporters showing up and criticizing tea party republicans. it's an early test of grass
3:33 am
roots power and astroturf as well. some of these are political organizes sending people in to ask these tough questions. >> and i would say a very negative effect of this, as a result you're seeing some lawmakers holding fewer town halls or having town halls in much more controlled settings like invite only or only doing teleconferences. i think that's a negative effect and shows republicans feel they're in a tough spot as they're heading into 2014 mid terms. >> no question about that. we do see this dynamic playing out with more volume on the republican side, especially leadership republicans because they know they'll get national news attention or big news attention back home. so they're not answering questions from consistents or it's invitation-only events and that's just a fake event, let's just be honest about it. here's a good test to watch this week. one person who is taking this test is marco rubio. he's out in his home state,
3:34 am
thinking about running for president in 2016. on the one hand he's way out there on immigration, on the other hand here wants to take a leadership role in new abortion legislation. let's see how the heat is for senator rubio. other lawmakers will watch what happens to him and say am i going to go out there or maybe go shopping for a puppy? >> oh, did you throw that in. joe biden announcing that he's going to iowa of all places next month for senator harkin's steak fry. normally it does not make news but this does because this is seen as a stepping stone for potential presidential nominees. are we reading too far into this or is joe biden testing the waters? >> he's testing the waters. a guy named barack obama was once a guest at the steak fry.
3:35 am
he brings out prominent candidates. sometimes they're established faces like joe biden. until we get a definitive answer from senator clinton, senator biden is going to keep his toe, if not both sets of toes in the water. he would look to run for president. even if he decides in the end he's not going to run because of hillary clinton, because of his age or any other reason, he's not going to tell you that until the last possible moment because it would reduce his leverage as vice president. dick cheney had less and less influence on the hill because everybody knew he was not running. joe biden wants to one run. even if he decides he's not going to, he's going to hold that up as much assy he can. >> next up, steak fry. >> it's good food, excellent fry. >> so it's good food. you get good politics and a good steak. he did throw in a puppy
3:36 am
reference. >> coming up next on "new day," apple just weeks from unveiling its new iphone. will it be more affordable? can we expect some cool new features? >> and there is plenty of air left in those jordans. m.j. busting down the 6-year-old, showing him why he should have had a little bit wider stance. don't reach for the ball or you get done ugly. ♪ i believe i can soar i've had surgery, and yes, i have occasional constipation.
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3:39 am
welcome back to "new day," everyone. starting in the middle east this morning, the u.s. has reopened 18 of the 19 diplomatic posts it shut last week fearing an al qaeda attack. >> reporter: the most imposing
3:40 am
structure in the abu dhabi diplomatic community is open again, the tall slanting building that has about 30 people outside looking for visas is, primarily students trying to start the fall term and have had to push back travel plans and doctors trying to go to conferences. most americans still out of the country with the peak heat of august but security remains tight. it just over a two-hour flight to yemen where the u.s. embassy remains closed. kate, back to you. >> thanks so much. an american has been transferred from labor camp to a hospital after losing 50 more. >> reporter: a korean-american man serving 15 years in a north korean camp is in hospital. kenneth bay's health has deteriorated just three months after he was found guilty for
3:41 am
what the north koreans was found guilty for hostile acts. he is suffering from severe back pains loss of vision, kidney stones and he's also lost about 50 pounds in weight. his family is pleading for his release. back to you, kate. >> thank you so much. now, it is not an olympic sport, at least not yet, but it's a tradition in the ukraine, women racing in their stilettos. erin mclaughlin has more on this. >> reporter: kate, it was hot, nearly 95 degrees hot, but soaring temperatures did not stop nearly 100 women from strapping on stilettos for the annual race in kiev ukraine. the rules are simple, heels have to be 3 1/2 inches or higher. some of the more daring chose to run the course in 6 inch heels. the secret to success, packing tape.
3:42 am
some of the women taped the stilettos on to their feet. ladies, don't try this at home. back to you, kate. >> that's a performance-enhancing drug maybe. >> it changes the game. >> if you've ever seen us late for a live shot -- >> i don't know how did you it. i bet if they ever did a test, women's ankles are one and a half times stronger than men's. >> everything about women is one and a half times strong are -- >> going up the stairs barefoot, put the shoes on last. >> all things i never thought i'd need to know. but now something i do need to know and so do all of you. the rumor mill is buzzing with talk of a new phone from apple. it could debut its next generation in september. what new tricks does it have up its sleeve. that's the question. with the answer, christine romans. >> hi, guys!
3:43 am
september 10th is the date to put on your calendar. a lot of buzz for it for the holidays. what are we expecting? an enhanced camera and processor, new operating system, new look for the icons and graphics and maybe a fingerprint sensor. that's not too much of a surprise because they bought a company that does that last year. >> instead of unlocking it with your pass code, you unlock it with your fingerprint? >> we'll see. >> any word about making it easier to get? cheaper? >> a lot of people are pushing apple to try to do a lower version, a cheaper version alongside the new update. look, in the u.s. the high end iphone market is still very, very brisk. they sold 342,000 of these a
3:44 am
day. around the world cheaper versions and people buying two i iterations ago, are they going to have a market for them? >> why am i hearing this iphone really needs to hit it? >> because the stock has been down over the last year. there's a lot of pressure on apple to innovate faster. it's such a high margin product. and people are very loyal to their phones. we're expecting maybe samsung, maybe a week before this they'll have their own enough galaxy launch. that's the rumor. >> competition is good, though. >> samsung and apple are locked in bitter competition. once people figure out which device they're going to use, they're loyal. >> android. >> and android is kicking apple's you know what around the
3:45 am
world. samsung has 30% of the market and 13% is apple's share. apple has to do a lot to entice new customers to its phones. iwatch, apple temperature v, maybe new colors. the company has promised a lot in the fall and now they have to deliver. >>september 10th, it on my calendar. >> it's on the often. >> thanks so much, christine. >> coming up next on "new day," a sinkhole devours part of a resort in florida. the danger is still growing. the latest from the scene is coming up. >> and don't doubt that this man has still got it. o oh, yes, he does, michael jordan rising to the occasion at his summer camp.
3:46 am
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welcome back to "new day." a must see moment of the living legend, michael jordan proving he's still got hot. i was going to stay still the 50 but as we get closer to 50, we don't acknowledge that. jordan's mere presence enough to wow the crowds but look at that!
3:50 am
just like the old days. he's at his basketball camp in santa barbara for kid. he found himself facing a pretty formidable opponent on the court, the kid in blue. feels the pressure and pulls out the move, bam. >> he made one of the classic blunders of defense, that kid. that's what m.j. used to do. it's right here, i only have it in one hand. and then he became posterized like dozens of other players over the years. >> i still love a a great pair of air jordans. >> did you have a pair with the numbe pumps? >> i did have the pumps. >> a must-see moment bringing people together. >> one for me, a thousand for you two. time to take a break because i want to end the show on that strong point by me. all right, new when we come
3:51 am
back, the father of nsa leaker edward snowden blasting critics, including president obama, who say his son is no patriot. we're live with the latest. >> they're being called good samaritans but a pair of idaho horseback riders alerted police and they may have been life savers. they're going to joan us live at the top of the hours. weekdays are for rising to the challenge. they're the days to take care of business. when possibilities become reality. with centurylink as your trusted partner, our visionary cloud infrastructure and global broadband network free you to focus on what matters. with custom communications solutions and responsive, dedicated support, we constantly evolve to meet your needs. every day of the week. centurylink® your link to what's next.
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before the conclusion of the pga championship last night, golfer jason dufner was best known for starting an internet
3:55 am
craze. good morning, andy. i'm sure this golfer did not have the utmost of expectations entering the tourney. >> he rarely shows any emotion. here's the famous pic of dufner in elementary school slouched against the wall, looking bored out of his mind. now he'll be known for more than just that pose. he finished at ten under yesterday to win the pga championship, the first major tournament victory of his career. >> a-rod belted his first home run of the season in the second inning off justin ver land are and a-rod hits 12 more of these, he'll tie willie mays and the yankees will owe him a $6 million bonus. new york was up 4-2 in the ninth inning and in comes mr. automatic, marian owe rivera. but he gives up solo home runs
3:56 am
to miguel cabrera and victor martinez to blow the save, the first time in his 18-year career he's blown three saves in a row but bret gardner would come to the rescue with the walkoff home run. the yankees get the win. this was a-rod as first weekend series in new york and by all accounts he got a mixture of both cheers and boos when he came to the plate each time. >> all right, all right. thanks so much, andy. >> will good play be enough? >> we'll talk about that later. a quick round up of the stories you'll be talking about today. >> first up, los angeles officials paying homeowners to tear up their lush green lawns because of dwindling water supplies. homeowners in las vegas banning lawns all together.
3:57 am
>> and a fish turned into a vegetarian. and in the new york post, nasa wrapping up a simulated mission to mars on the slopes of hawaii's volcano. they want to know how astronauts would live on the moon with the emphasis on the food. >> the dow lost 0.8%, the s&p lost 1.1%. the u.s. postal service is doing better but not good enough. facebook sheryl sandberg selling a big chunk stock. she sold 2.4 approximately shares last night for $91
3:58 am
million. how's that for leaning into the money. >> good morning, christine. gong, everyone. once again we're talking more rain in the forecast and that means a flooding threat for parts of the south as well as the central plains, areas that don't need the rain. i'll let you know who is going to be under the gun and how much rainfall coming up shortly. and then we are still talking warm temperatures today but a big cool down is on the way. i'll tell you how much we're going to be dropping over the next couple of days. but for this afternoon, a lot of 90s and 80s out there. 89 for a high in memphis, 82 in kansas city and dallas continues to be steamy hot with a high of 100 degrees. i'm in for indra today. i don't know what you guys did to her but she needed a break. >> you'll find out. thanks so much, we'll see you in a bit. it is just before the top of the hour, which means it's time for
3:59 am
the top news. >> my baby girl, i'm so glad she's safe. >> hannah found. 16-year-old hannah anderson rescued from the idaho wilderness now reunited with her father. new details and the hero witnesses who spotted her live. >> and a big scare outside the resort of disney world as a giant sinkhole opened up right beneath it. what caused it? >> and leah michelle speaking publicly for the first time since the death of her boyfriend corey monteith. what she's asking of her fans. >> your "new day" starts right now. >> what you need to know, if miss jenkins is tied into this conduct, she's in very serious trouble. >> what you just have to see.
4:00 am
this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate baldwin and michaela pereira. >> good morning. i'm chris cuomo. >> i'm kate bolduan here with michaela pereira. >> and now we'll talk live with a group of horseback riders who spotted hannah and james dimaggio and tipped off police. how their quick thinking probably saved her life. >> and also, sanjay gupta was on here last week talking about his

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